The Auburn Youth Centre provided youth with educational and informative resources in accessible, creative and and entertaining ways, to encourage youth to make use of the services which were available to them. In 1992, AYC added to its existing repertoire of study programs by introducing a ‘Breakfast Club’. Youth could meet in the mornings for free breakfast and help writing resumes, applying and searching for jobs and interview tips[1].

In Youth Week 1998, Auburn Youth Centre’s information stall proved such a success that they decided to hold it weekly at Auburn railway station. Rather than complaining about youth ‘loitering’ (as was seen in frequent letters of complaint in the local papers), the centre made use of the fact that young people tended to congregate at the station and used it as an opportunity to provide them with information about the community services which were available to them and about sensitive issues like substance abuse. It was an opportunity for young people to gain valuable information from experienced workers in an accessible environment[2]

Found in Auburn Review, 11th March 1998, p. 6.
Found in Auburn Review, 11th March 1998, p. 6.

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