In 1985 youth worker Michelle Burgemeister envisioned a youth centre which would not only provide a range of services to accommodate the needs of Auburn youth, but would harness the voices of local youth to actively involve them in planning activities and the direction of the centre[1]. By 1986, the Auburn Youth Resource Centre had been established, and had begun to make its mark on the community.

The Auburn Youth Resource Centre (AYRC) began with the provision of mainly recreational activities for teenagers – school holiday activities and camps, and under 18’s discos. Very few services providing fun, affordable activities for the 12-18 year old age group existed in the Auburn area at the time of AYRC’s establishment. Holiday activities were predominantly tailored towards younger children, and existing youth clubs revolved around competitive sporting or musical pursuits. From its establishment, the Auburn Youth Resource Centre responded to a community need to see inclusive and beneficial services provided to local youth.

Once the Auburn Youth Resource Centre had finally secured a location from which to base its activity, it was able to expand the range of services on offer. The AYRC was determined to provide interested youth with a chance to develop their skills, expand their knowledge and experience, build confidence, socialise with others in a safe environment, and encourage youth to speak out about their concerns and needs.

Youth from AYRC. Found in Auburn Review, 16th October 1995, p. 2.
Youth from AYRC. Found in Auburn Review, 16th October 1995, p. 2.

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